Digging in Grandma’s Closet

My mother has always been a huge fan of crochet. Anything from hats to vests and even, sweaters. For years, I have wondered what the big deal was behind crochet sweaters. Although, my mother is a fan – me, not so much, until…. I tried one on today. I then realized, crochet sweaters aren’t meant for nursing homes, they are meant to be in my lineup.

Crochet sweaters look great when paired with the right pieces. If your crochet sweater is large with a scoop neck, try hanging it off one shoulder. If your sweater is long, try belting it and wearing leggins or skinnies- this gives the illusion of a completed look.

To up the ante on the crocheted sweater look, try going bold in color. After shopping today, I have noticed that these scantly knit sweaters come in many shapes and lengths. Perhaps, the art to crochet sweater wearing, is to wear a sweater suitable to your body frame. Long torso – opt for the long sweater and belt it. Short torso – go for the cropped sweater, with a cami under.

I have seen a variety of crochet items; however, the sweater is enough. Many people go overboard by pairing crochet sweaters with other crochet items. This is a fashion hazard. Have you ever heard of overkill?

Crochet can be, tastefully, paired with other materials and even subtle patterns. Never judge an outfit while it’s on a hanger. An outfit isn’t born until it is on a body and worn with confidence.

There are no rules to fashion and their surely isn’t a handbook. Fashion is what you make of it.

Crochet 2

crochet 1f

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Winter Warming

When I was a little girl, I always thought a coat ruined my outfit.  I thought, this has got to be the worst thing ever!  I saw the coat as an obtrusive object, which never went with my outfit.


As time went on and I matured;  I have realized it is warmth over beauty.


Coming from the northeast, I am in total disbelief that Texas has reached ultra-low temperatures.  I am even more stunned by the number of individuals not quite familiar with the detrimental affects of temperatures as low as 28 degrees.


I am overtly proud of my northern roots, which have helped me to develop a fictitious layer of blubber; however, my intellect secedes that of those who bear the bitter winds with bare backs.


My concerns peaked when walking through the mall on Christmas Eve.  After noticing a few outfits, I realized a trend…no one is wearing or carrying a coat.  Then, I began to wonder…is it just me or are these people ludicrous?  Right as I began to diagnose these people, I began to think of my childhood hatred towards bulky coats.


Coats truly aren’t the enemy.  They can easily accent an outfit or could be just one layer to an ensemble.  No matter the size of a coat, there are ways to accessorize:



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Merry Christmas!

There are many things to be inspired by, besides the creativity of the fashion industry. I want to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Take time for your family, friends, and most important, yourself. We tend to get raveled and overwhelmed by the intricacies of life and forget the very purpose for our every breath.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


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Louis Who?

Russian model Vodianova poses in Paris in this handout photo taken in 2007 for the new advertising campaign of Louis Vuitton

So, what is it about this hand-made, LV monogrammed leather bag? What makes Louis Vuitton a staple in the luxury goods industry?

Aside from its neatly sewn seams and infamous monogramming, Louis Vuitton has been around for centuries, since the mid 1800’s. If that alone doesn’t make this a staple in the fashion industry, consider the company’s expertise.


For roughly 7 consecutive years, this brand has been named the world’s most valuable luxury brand. Suede interior, gold zippers and smooth leather (and patent) textures, make this brand a commodity among stars and even, the everyday fashionista.


Louis Vuitton is considered not only the most renowned luxury brand, but it is a powerhouse.  After forming an umbrella of luxury brands, LV is part of LVMH, which houses names like Möet and Hennessy   In addition to establishing a profound allies, LV took to making more than handbags.  They produce bags of different materials, including their patent leather Speedy Canvas.


From their handbags to their luggage, celebrities understand the value of a LV-touched product.  It is luxury beyond most pockets, but it is certainly a brand made to last a lifetime.

LV-2 LV-3

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Raising Mini-Me

Every 10 minutes, there is a fashion show at my house.

This is the perk to raising a little girl whose  imagination is larger than her pint-sized body.  She expresses herself and imagination through clothing.  There is no playing dressup, her wardrobe is a dressup. Everything she wears is like watching a storybook unfold. But, that’s okay. I allow it.

Her idea of dressing up typically includes one or two pieces of mismatched pieces.  A pink long sleeve shirt, with a swirling princess on it; along with a leopard tulle skirt, green cable tights and pink UGG boots.  To her, she transforms into a princess. To me, she transforms into a little daring fashionista.

When we are out, I allow my daughter to flaunt her outfit proudly; never giving on-lookers the disclaimer that “she dressed herself.”

Who cares!

I am allowing my little girl to keep her innocence, while developing her fashion sense.  The more I allow her to express her individuality, the more space I am giving her imagination to grow (and the less she screams!).

In avoiding those screaming fits thrown by the pint-sized fashionista, I opt for stores with collections.  The Gap is a friend to any mother with an imaginative daughter.  Their collections are based on themes and colors. This allows room for any mix and matching of different pieces. It, also, allows me ample space to give my daughter the reigns to her sense of style.

As a mom-a-nista, I am all about dressing my daughter.  At times, she just doesn’t win the battle, because my fashionable eye wins 🙂


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Make a Statement


Spruce up your outfit by making a statement with your neckline.

Necklaces are becoming the rage and fashion statement.  Forget matching your shoes with your bag.  Gather an ensemble based on your accessories – starting with your necklace.

Statement necklaces are bulky and obnoxious; yet, they are fashionable!  This accessory can take any blah – fit (blah + outfit = “blah-fit” AKA boring) and create a trendy look.  When accessorizing with a statement necklace, an outfit becomes versatile.  For instance, if wearing all black is your thing, consider a bright-colored blouse, black knee-boots and a blazer while at work. Meeting the girls for happy hour?  Switch into a peep toe pump – preferably, something more neutral than the necklace.  Despite the setting, statement necklaces are always welcome.


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The Classic Beauty

DD1Marilyn Portrait


For years, we have all fought to achieve the ingenuousness of the classic (and, youthful) beauty.  Feminine features and smooth lines are pure representation of classic looks – exuding elegance.  A handful of women became icons through their sense of fashion and delicate features.  Actresses, such as: Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, and Elizabeth Taylor still remain true examples of classic beauty.

Now-a-days, women fight hard to obtain the look of a classic beauty; yet, many don’t comprehend the term. To be “classic,” does not mean to be “over-the-top.”  In order to dawn the look of a classic beauty, you must appreciate your God-given beauty.

Starting with your makeup, go more natural. Find looks that cater to your features, by bringing out your eye color or signature facial feature.  A fashion fail is wearing too many colors. Opt for a more neutral foundation, slight bronze on the cheeks and a sultry smokey-eye.


This look is sure to go with any ensemble and any time of the day.


Decades later than the world’s infamous classic beauties, we are introduced to the latest gown trend, which has married elegance with sex appeal. As long form-fitting gowns make their way back into the fashion scene, we are catching our second-wind of the classic beauty. To keep the splendor of sex appeal, floor-length ensembles have thigh-revealing slits, gems that sparkle, and even, plunging necklines (and in some cases, backs).

Gowns have evolved since their centuries old introduction to the fashion scene. This time around, fashionistas are wearing gowns in a totally “non-traditional” way.

Today, we spotlight the classic beauty Carrie Underwood, who recently has fancied anything elegant with a sparkle!

CU3  CU1


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Unleash the Beast!


And, who said animal print was only for the wilderness? Another fashion trend for Fall 2012 is going wild – with print that is.  Fall is much more than wearing white, it’s about a natural pattern. It’s about dressing with an edge.

Animal print has long been associated with a red lip, pleather pants and faux furs. It’s time to bring its chic-ness back! Several designers are filtering animal print into their collections. Anything from accessories, clothing to handbags are adorned with these unrestrained patterns.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of animal print – no two patterns are the same. Every stripe, swirl or dot is naturally designed uniquely. There is even variation in color, as some prints are slightly darker or lighter than others.

Aside from variation, animal print is timeless. It has been a trend that has survived the test of time. Perhaps, because it is a pattern that can be matched with many variations of clothing. Many fashion mishaps occur when there is too much print.  Animal print is meant to enhance or to add distinction to an outfit.

Too much animal print can be a distraction and give off a bewildered appeal. Don’t fall victim! Instead, stand out in a distinguished way and make your fashion sense known! Grrrrr



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Give Em’ The Boot!

As the summer days transform into lower temperatures, fashion trends begin to pop!

In particular, boot trends are in full effect. From studs, textiles, straps, buckles and even sparkle, this season’s trend is all about taking it to another level!

Give em’ high fashion with a boot!


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style + functional = the best of both worlds!

So, I’m watching TV and hear the line: There is stylish. There is functional. And then, there are both.

Naturally, I start thinking about fashion.  What exactly does it mean to wear the outfit, and not let it wear you?

When questioning myself, the person/character that came to mind was none other than the infamous Carrie Bradshaw Preston.  I heart everything about her – her whimsical nature, delicious taste for style and of course her delectable shoe game. Undoubtedly, we owe all thanks and gratitude to the wonderful Patricia Field. However, anyone can by styled, but only a handful can own it!

SJP killed every outfit that graced her small frame. The Paris ensemble and the dapper day-to-day ensembles have stolen not only my heart, but also the hearts of fashion-forwards.

There are many people who are stylish. Yet, they are classified stylish because of their ability to put together pieces of clothing.

Take it from Carrie – Whether in a snug mini, 5” stacked platforms or wearing an outfit only you understand, don’t give in to the temptation of feeling less than yourself.  Carrie has worn some of the oddest pieces. Nonetheless, she was always comfortable and transformed from odd to chic, gracefully, while in front of the cameras.

Not only are we buying into her fashionable taste, but we are captivated by her infectious laugh, biting of her lower-lip and her girlish skip as she crosses streets. Carrie is ultimately being Carrie – no bars holding back.

Always remember: Style transcends to functional when you don’t lose touch of your personality and who you truly are.

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