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Stylish World

Okay, so every little girl seems to grow up and want to be the most fabulous. However, what is there to keep her motivated through the many years that lie between childhood and adulthood?

As a child I admired the classic look and straight lines of pencil skirts, seamed thigh highs, classic suede pumps; yet, somewhere in between my aspirations and the truth of reality laid a blurred line. As a college student, I couldn’t afford to buy top notch designer wear.  Despite my champagne taste and penny pinching pockets, I found a median.

I’m a people watcher and I have long wondered what separates the eclectic name-brand world from the world I am most familiar with: budget-keeping “tarjay?” I mean, there is something more to fashion besides shopping the look for less or raiding magazines for the next hottest trend. So, like I said, I look to the world that surrounds me. Of course, it’s great to admire the trend setters, but who is to say you can’t become one yourself?

Style is all about working with the canvas you are given: your body. Clothing is all designed differently and naturally, so are our bodies (and personalities). Undeniably, no two people should share the same wardrobe.

Clothing should compliment you, whether it be your body type or personality. For instance, if you are curvaceous, where something flattering to your curves (no horizontal stripes!). If you are working with a smaller frame, wear clothing appropriate to your size.  And, I’m not saying it has to be clingy, just let it be fitting and more importantly, flattering.

With the turn of the season, weather grows colder and nights longer. Layering is a style that will never fade because it’s a way to add color, different textures and of course, stay warm. For any woman’s layering needs, I look to J. Crew and Banana Republic, these stores seemed to invent layering! Besides… the clothing is versatile for no matter the occasion – work, weddings, parties or dates.

I am an ex-shopaholic, I now look to my closet to see how I can make last year’s look this year’s hook-up.  Instead of throwing away those old rags, try playing with the look. Incorporate a belt, different jewelry or layer the look with different colors/textures or even, try a different hairstyle.

With clothing, we forget there are infinite things to do with any one piece. Be different; step outside of the box to define a new you!!

PS: Stop wearing the same outfits. Mix and matching is like having an “infinity” wardrobe…it keeps going and going and going.

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