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OBAMA – Presidential Style


Spotted under the radar sporting a variety of looks, Barack Obama influences many of his supporters. Beyond making history, Obama makes a fashion statement. Custom made suits, tailored jackets, crisp ties and collared shirts; our President knows just how to serve a platter of tasteful trend. He is the epitome’ of class because he always displays exceptional characteristics through a polished attire. Turning heads is something Obama is prone to do, but when it comes to fashion he pulls rank.

Obama challenges the status quo with his unconventional personal style. He is a man of prestige; yet presents himself as a self-disciplined individual. Barack exhibits remarkable dexterity and pivotal arguments; there is no wonder that his style (as well as intellect) will be all the change Americans need. When running as a candidate for presidency, Obama was marked as “too soft” for the running; yet, his laid back demeanor allowed him to take blows, recuperate and then, throw one back. His style follows along the same lines because he fights to portray a change, not only among the 50 states but, also, in Presidential style.

Glorifying the nation with his fortitude was just the beginning; Obama’s style transcended into the fashion scene and swept across Italian runways. Fashion designer, Donatella Versace refers to our President as “the man of the moment” and dedicated her Spring/Summer 2009 collection (named “First”) to Obama. Though his style is sophisticated, it creates a more defined man. “I would get rid of the tie and jazz up the shirt”, Donatella admits. The choice of style is targeted towards creating a more comfortable polished look, signifying that a man doesn’t have to “flex muscles to show he has power”.

The fashion scene includes everything from more tailored suits to classic blazers and silk t-shirts. Ridding old ideas, the Italian runway also featured Giorgio Armani, who presented the stylish Emporio collection (intended for the young consumer). Armani presented conventional fashion with a twist. Like Obama’s charismatic campaign, Armani followed by introducing a compelling impression. The show included traditional jackets and suits; then, shifted gears to introduce presidential fabrics, such as: silk, and (what seemed to be) patent leather Bermudas. Both Armani and Versace’ are of a few inspired by President Obama. The list includes: designers, Andy Warhol and Sonia Rykiel (from Paris runway) and even, Hugo Boss (named an entire suit collection after Obama).

“We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent”–Barack Obama.



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White Jean Craze

So, what is it behind chalky white jeans?

Despite the extent of her wardrobe, every woman has that one pair of white jeans in her closet. Waiting for the moment, a woman knows that when she wears those jeans, she is making a riveting fashion statement.

White jeans symbolize a fashion freedom. They are a clean palate to mixing and matching colors. With the right flowing blouse or nude pumps, white jeans can turn any outfit into a fashion-forward ensemble.

Now-a-days, it’s not so much about matching as it is fitting. Pieces of an outfit must be suitable for one another. It’s almost like a puzzle. As long as you are along the same lines of look and feel, your ensemble could do wonders for you.

But, again, how do white jeans fit into this equation? I have long wondered how women muster up the confidence to wear white jeans.

For so long, I have feared white jeans. The mere idea of walking into a crowded club, walls adorned with people balancing cocktails, doesn’t seem safe. I can’t even imagine wanting to sit down, as I know my luck – I would sit on a speck of dirt and my outfit – ruined.

But the enthralling idea of wearing white jeans (I guess) outweighs any possibility of mishap.

How to wear white jeans

White jeans look best in all forms – boyfriend cut, distressed, ankle length, skinny or even, rolled up to the ankle. The most important factor is – Confidence! While wearing white jeans, poise is everything. It is so much harder to make an ensemble work, while wearing white jeans. It takes a creative mind to pull off a stark white jean.

What is loved most about a pair of white jeans is its versatility. You can pull off a summer/spring look: light sheer blouse, dark shades, and a nude pump or you can shift gears with a warm look for the fall season: wrap sweater, v-neck shirt, bangles and a pair of ankle boots.

Despite their presumed delicate nature, white jeans are suitable for any occasion and style.

A rule of thumb – to pull off white jeans wear seamless underwear. While full panties can be comfortable, keep in mind, it’s uncomfortable when people notice your panty lines. White jeans grab attention; however, it’s up to you if you want the right attention.

Defy the rules

The more I wear my white jeans, the more I am finding they are complementary. Have you ever noticed how great white jeans look on a person. Despite size, white jeans can defy the rules of weight and even, gravity (considering you have the right fit). Different cuts are for different women. Just because one pair doesn’t fit, don’t give up on them.

White jeans can soften the lines of the hips and almost deceive the eye. The chalky white will force people to look at other components of your ensemble – your shoes, handbag, your hair or even your eyes.

I can now understand the white jean craze. They are truly a blessing in disguise.

Have fun with them!


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Fashion – Accessorize


For many, clothing selection is considered more important than its counterpart—accessories. Being an intricate part to finishing off a look, accessories are essential for any woman. Accessorizing is a great concept to add excitement and variety to your outfit – changing dull to flawless. All it takes is creativity and confidence to pull off any mixture of accessories. Broadening your fashion sense can be so exciting, when adding compliments to your style.

The whole point is to try something new! Be creative; add something thrilling to your ensemble combination. Accessories come in many different styles, sizes, colors and even fabrics. The can be used in mixture. Jewelry and accessories differ greatly. Jewelry is for the glitz and glam, while accessories serve more of the “tying-the-garbs-together” purpose (i.e.: gloves protect and belts for contour). Accessorizing is an exceptional way to illustrate your creativity.

It’s pointless to accessorize with accessories that do nothing to grab someone’s attention. They are meant to be compelling, but not overbearing. Try to keep it simple by keeping an eye on your accessory meter. One fashionable accessory commonly used is the belt. If deciding to wear a tunic, try adding a wide belt – it adds curves and creates a shape, which is pleasing to the eye. Keep in mind, every accessory serves a purpose and that purpose will vary according to the outfit.

If new to this concept, take it slow. Take a look around you and observe the latest fashions or accessories. Fashion is subjective; so try to add a twist versus copying someone else’s style. When choosing colors, you should choose a color that brings your outfit to life; yet, compliments you (both, physically and personality wise). Remain confident in any choice you make. The more confident, the more appealing you look. Accessories can take your look from zero to one hundred in minutes. You just have to be willing to test drive.

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