Louis Who?

Russian model Vodianova poses in Paris in this handout photo taken in 2007 for the new advertising campaign of Louis Vuitton

So, what is it about this hand-made, LV monogrammed leather bag? What makes Louis Vuitton a staple in the luxury goods industry?

Aside from its neatly sewn seams and infamous monogramming, Louis Vuitton has been around for centuries, since the mid 1800’s. If that alone doesn’t make this a staple in the fashion industry, consider the company’s expertise.


For roughly 7 consecutive years, this brand has been named the world’s most valuable luxury brand. Suede interior, gold zippers and smooth leather (and patent) textures, make this brand a commodity among stars and even, the everyday fashionista.


Louis Vuitton is considered not only the most renowned luxury brand, but it is a powerhouse.  After forming an umbrella of luxury brands, LV is part of LVMH, which houses names like Möet and Hennessy   In addition to establishing a profound allies, LV took to making more than handbags.  They produce bags of different materials, including their patent leather Speedy Canvas.


From their handbags to their luggage, celebrities understand the value of a LV-touched product.  It is luxury beyond most pockets, but it is certainly a brand made to last a lifetime.

LV-2 LV-3

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