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Digging in Grandma’s Closet

My mother has always been a huge fan of crochet. Anything from hats to vests and even, sweaters. For years, I have wondered what the big deal was behind crochet sweaters. Although, my mother is a fan – me, not so much, until…. I tried one on today. I then realized, crochet sweaters aren’t meant for nursing homes, they are meant to be in my lineup.

Crochet sweaters look great when paired with the right pieces. If your crochet sweater is large with a scoop neck, try hanging it off one shoulder. If your sweater is long, try belting it and wearing leggins or skinnies- this gives the illusion of a completed look.

To up the ante on the crocheted sweater look, try going bold in color. After shopping today, I have noticed that these scantly knit sweaters come in many shapes and lengths. Perhaps, the art to crochet sweater wearing, is to wear a sweater suitable to your body frame. Long torso – opt for the long sweater and belt it. Short torso – go for the cropped sweater, with a cami under.

I have seen a variety of crochet items; however, the sweater is enough. Many people go overboard by pairing crochet sweaters with other crochet items. This is a fashion hazard. Have you ever heard of overkill?

Crochet can be, tastefully, paired with other materials and even subtle patterns. Never judge an outfit while it’s on a hanger. An outfit isn’t born until it is on a body and worn with confidence.

There are no rules to fashion and their surely isn’t a handbook. Fashion is what you make of it.

Crochet 2

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