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The Classic Beauty

DD1Marilyn Portrait


For years, we have all fought to achieve the ingenuousness of the classic (and, youthful) beauty.  Feminine features and smooth lines are pure representation of classic looks – exuding elegance.  A handful of women became icons through their sense of fashion and delicate features.  Actresses, such as: Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, and Elizabeth Taylor still remain true examples of classic beauty.

Now-a-days, women fight hard to obtain the look of a classic beauty; yet, many don’t comprehend the term. To be “classic,” does not mean to be “over-the-top.”  In order to dawn the look of a classic beauty, you must appreciate your God-given beauty.

Starting with your makeup, go more natural. Find looks that cater to your features, by bringing out your eye color or signature facial feature.  A fashion fail is wearing too many colors. Opt for a more neutral foundation, slight bronze on the cheeks and a sultry smokey-eye.


This look is sure to go with any ensemble and any time of the day.


Decades later than the world’s infamous classic beauties, we are introduced to the latest gown trend, which has married elegance with sex appeal. As long form-fitting gowns make their way back into the fashion scene, we are catching our second-wind of the classic beauty. To keep the splendor of sex appeal, floor-length ensembles have thigh-revealing slits, gems that sparkle, and even, plunging necklines (and in some cases, backs).

Gowns have evolved since their centuries old introduction to the fashion scene. This time around, fashionistas are wearing gowns in a totally “non-traditional” way.

Today, we spotlight the classic beauty Carrie Underwood, who recently has fancied anything elegant with a sparkle!

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